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More than a voice – A vocation

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"Those who wish to sing always find a song". – Swedish proverb

Hello! Thank you for passing by.
My name is Cécile Frangi. I am a French singer-songwriter, recording & performing artist based in Brighton, UK.
I release all my work independently and offer various other creative services, which are presented here.
Enjoy your visit!

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I've been singing professionally for over 10 years, both as an original songwriter and session singer. Thanks to my extensive vocal training and ample live performing experience, I am equally at ease on stages (big or small) and in the recording studio. I come from a multilingual background, which allows me to sing and write lyrics in English, French and Spanish.


Throughout my career, I have acquired a vast array of skills that enable me to manage all facets of creative entrepreneurship: booking and promoting shows, curating festival stages, supervising music catalogues for sync licensing, presenting podcasts, writing reviews for music publications, launching collections of band merchandise and setting up my own independent record label.


Music is one of the most powerful vehicles for self-expression and human connection. As a facilitator, my goal is to empower people and communities from all walks of life to (re)connect with their voices, bodies, surroundings and each other, through mindful and inclusive singing workshops. My approach combines elements of music therapy, vocal coaching and playful improv.

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Cess is highly creative, but also impressively effective at organising, networking, and getting work done. I’ve found her to be very pleasant to work with – helpful and cooperative with event preparations, and an excellent, talented performer who engages well with audiences.

Cassie Fox - Music Promoter & Writer (Loud Women/Louder Than War)

Greenness - Unfold // Home From Home Studio
Home From Home Studio

Greenness - Unfold // Home From Home Studio

It was an absolute pleasure to record this song and video with Greenness, and be part of their artistic and experimental creative process. Paper beats... who knew?! We caught up with Cess and Graham after to ask them a few questions about the song and their musical journey. For more of their music, follow their social media channels (@greennessmusic) and be sure to subscribe to our channel to discover more new music! Q - Can you tell us a bit about the song? A - The lyrics formed while Cess was folding origami butterflies and kind of meditating about metaphors surrounding the word 'unfold': transformation, metamorphosis and self-healing. It's about human potential, how we can be better by opening up physically and emotionally, instead of being trapped in our own minds and bodies. Q - We love your music! Where can we buy it? A - Our latest record is available digitally on and physically on our website: Q - Where can we see you play next? A - TJ's Club in Eastbourne on 31st May. Q - Where’s the weirdest place you’ve played a gig? A - A gym in the Alps! Q - If you could see any band play live this year, who would it be? A - Crumb. They're about to release their debut album and the single sounds really cool. Q - Who are your biggest influences? A - Graham loves Radiohead and Cess adores Björk. Q - When did you first know you wanted to be a musician and create music? A - Since childhood. As a kid, Cess had a toy keyboard and would write songs and poems from the age of 5, then she started piano lessons and joined the school choir. Graham played in a steel drum band at school before meeting his true love at 18: guitar! Now we both play a bit of everything and enjoy experimenting a lot in the studio. - Home from Home Studio - Home From Home Studio is a new type of music and video company based in Brighton UK, making unique, high quality content in a relaxed and creative environment. We love working with people whose music we enjoy, so get in touch!
Greenness - Lose It (Austra cover - solo & acappella)

Greenness - Lose It (Austra cover - solo & acappella)

"Last year, following a gig at the Haunt (now Chalk) in Brighton, a local paper compared Greenness to Austra - an artist I had never heard of. Always keen to discover new music, I checked her out and fell in love with this song! My favourite thing about it being the harmonies, I decided to cover it acappella and spent a couple hours building this solo polyphonic version at Audiobeach Studios (and ended up kind of beatboxing as well?!). I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did & wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy 2021!" Love, Cess xxx PS: wanna see some behind-the-scenes? This way: LOSE IT Performed by Cess Greenness (Cécile Frangi) Written by Austra (Kaitlin Stelmanis) Filmed, recorded, mixed, mastered & edited by Forbes Coleman (massive thanks!) GREENNESS We make all our music, artwork & videos independently, and we are currently recording an album of original songs from home. If you like what we do, please share it around you and leave us a comment - it's hugely appreciated! Thank you :) For more music and videos, subscribe to this channel & follow us on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Official Website: Merch Store: Spotify: Bandcamp: Soundcloud:
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