More than a voice – A vocation



"Those who wish to sing always find a song". – Swedish proverb

Hello! Thank you for passing by.
My name is Cécile Frangi. I am a French singer-songwriter, recording & performing artist based in Brighton, UK.
I release all my work independently and offer various other creative services, which are presented here.
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I've been singing professionally for over 10 years, both as an original songwriter and session singer. Thanks to my extensive vocal training and ample live performing experience, I am equally at ease on stages (big or small) and in the recording studio. I come from a multilingual background, which allows me to sing and write lyrics in English, French and Spanish.


Throughout my career, I have acquired a vast array of skills that enable me to manage all facets of creative entrepreneurship: booking and promoting shows, curating festival stages, supervising music catalogues for sync licensing, presenting podcasts, writing reviews for music publications, launching collections of band merchandise and setting up my own independent record label.


Music is one of the most powerful vehicles for self-expression and human connection. As a facilitator, my goal is to empower people and communities from all walks of life to (re)connect with their voices, bodies, surroundings and each other, through mindful and inclusive singing workshops. My approach combines elements of music therapy, vocal coaching and playful improv.


Cess is highly creative, but also impressively effective at organising, networking, and getting work done. I’ve found her to be very pleasant to work with – helpful and cooperative with event preparations, and an excellent, talented performer who engages well with audiences.

Cassie Fox - Music Promoter & Writer (Loud Women/Louder Than War)